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Phoenix Modular Innovations is established



Calgary, AB (Oct 12, 2017) Scott Brechin, the owner of Pacific ModuCo, a BC based Modular Camp Installation Company is proud to announce the expansion of the business with a new name and rebranding. The new company, Phoenix Modular Innovations (PMI) will be based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Phoenix Modular will continue the tradition of Pacific ModuCo while expanding their services to accommodate the new and exciting direction the modular industry is taking towards innovative residential modular construction, RTM and off the grid living.

Phoenix Modular Innovations Owners and principles have a combined experience of over 65 years within conventional construction, modular camp planning, design, procurement, transportation and installation. Our core services include camp and modular office/classroom installation, setup and demobilization, mold remediation, new & used modular sourcing and supplementary equipment & services supply.

“Since 1997, Pacific ModuCo has been serving Western Canadian Camp, Oil, Mining, Gas, Mining and Construction clients with top notch service and helping them bring in their projects on time and on budget, while performing these services in a safe manner. “I am honored to forge ahead on the path that my Father John Brechin set out for me so many years ago; and to explore new opportunities for expansion in our service offerings and client base” said Scott Brechin, Owner of Phoenix Modular Innovations.

About the Company:

Phoenix Modular Innovations is a Western Canada based turnkey remote modular installation Company with a deep-rooted passion for delivering superior service and creating opportunities in the ever-increasing residential modular sector.

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Phoenix Modular Innovations is a modular building Contractor specializing in workforce camps, modular office and classroom installations, supportive housing, kitchen/diners, complete setup and demobilization of modular units including utilities.