What We Do

Phoenix Modular Innovations employs a flexible “A La Carte” suite of services that may include any or all of the above services, targeting our core customer base within the Oil, Gas, Mining and construction sector in Western Canada, We partner with “Best in Class” service providers and perform all Installation services internally.

We draw on our teams combined long track record of success & will apply this experience to meet all targets set by our clients for all project measures including performance, costs, scheduling, and safety, all while ensuring that we respect the communities within which we work.


Phoenix Modular Innovations installs all styles, and sizes of Modular facilities in Western Canada.

This includes using red seal certified trades people for carpentry, plumbing, electrical and gas functions.

Workforce Housing and Dorms
Site Offices
School Portables


We offer clients cost effective solutions for the renovation of modules. We can also uniquely provide conversion of buildings from one use to another, keeping your fleet flexible and available.

From plans we can manage material procurement and transport and offer flexibility and fast turnarounds. We can also highlight and plan for adverse conditions and site and access problems.


Phoenix offers maintenance solutions for our clients. This includes specific maintenance projects and maintenance contracts with regular scheduled servicing.

Phoenix Modular Innovations has a dedicated team of professional tradespeople able to complete your project with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Modular Installation

The installation of a modular units requires an excellent preparation, coordination, strategy and leadership, It is imperative that coordination of materials, logistics, trucking and skilled tradespeople is maximized in order to deliver the best quality service on time and on budget.

With over 65 years of combined remote camp installation experience in some of Canada’s harshest climates the principles of Phoenix Modular have installed projects from as small as one unit offices and classrooms to as large as 1800 beds for a major camp provider.

We insure your project is reviewed and constantly reevaluated as circumstances are continually changing.

Modular Refurbishment

Phoenix is experienced in working within all remote industries, facilitating the decommissioning of existing camps, and the safe transport and installation in new configurations to suit our client’s incoming workforce.

We are able to work off plans, restoring older units to modern standards within client’s specified timelines with minimal or zero impact on existing operations.

The harsh climate Western Canada’s mining, oil, gas and construction may cause causes temporary buildings to erode quickly. As, such over the years there is an ongoing need to move existing mining camps and refurbish and modernize them, bringing them up to high standards for worker living conditions.

Site Services

We have the set of skills, tools and know-how to complete your project on time and while staying within budget. Our main goal is to provide you with the services you desire at a price within budget and RISE ABOVE in our service and delivery.

Building Maintenance: This includes minor works, full renovations, deck, patios, outdoor, bathrooms, door and fixtures repair and replacements, cabinetry repair.

Electrical: Repair and/or replacement of any electrical items.

Plumbing and Drainage: Including install of all sewer, fresh water pipes, washer replacement, tap replacement, toilet repair and replacement, waste water and potable water connection.

Walls & Structures:  Including patching, gyprocking and gyprock repair, total or partial re-sheeting, cornices, skirting boards, wall repairs.

Carpentry and Masonary:  This includes red seal certified trades people to provide optimum service and craftmanship.


Renowned Service

PMI  can assist you with new and used modular installations and demobilizations.  From startup to completion of the project...



On Budget and on Time

PMI prides itself on being true to their word and committments to their clients.  On time and on budget....




The PMI team has over 65 years combined experience in the Modular Building Industry.  We can manage any project...

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About us

Phoenix Modular Innovations is a modular building Contractor specializing in workforce camps, modular office and classroom installations, supportive housing, kitchen/diners, complete setup and demobilization of modular units including utilities.