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Welcome to Phoenix Modular Innovations 

An international remote modular services company providing support internationally throughout  the United States and Canada

With over 30 years’ experience, Phoenix Modular provides communities in some of the harshest and most dynamic environments in North America. These communities include living, working, and recreational facilities for dozens of companies and thousands of people.

PMI is uniquely capable of planning for and adapting to the extreme challanges of remote locations. If you need on-time, innovative and reliable solutions PMI can meet your needs. Our objective is to take the worry out of our customer’s hands so you can focus on your core business.




At PMI we have designed and installed turnkey modular solutions for our clients; Unlike our competitors we have the ability to provide “A La Carte” services, while not compromising on the quality of products and services. Our Customer Satisfaction and loyalty has allowed us to retain lasting relationships while continuing our competitive advantage.

Fueled by the motto “RISE ABOVE” the company’s commitment to “Think Different” investing time to research innovative products and solutions which drive our customer’s and our company’s growth. While remaining focused on unwavering alignment with our core values and environmental sustainability.

Whether you are an existing customer, or a Company considering using Phoenix Modular for the first time, we look forward to discussing your next project.


Renowned Service

Phoenix can assist you with new and used modular installations and demobilizations. From startup to completion of the project.


On Budget and on Time

Phoenix prides itself on being true to their word and committments to their clients. On tme and on budget.



The Phoenix Modular Innovations team has over 65 years combined experience in the Industry. There are no projects we can't handle.

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About us

Phoenix Modular Innovations is a 'Turnkey' modular Contractor specializing in workforce camps, modular office and classroom installations, kitchen/diners, executive shacks, complete setup and demobilization of modular units including utilities. 

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